"The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team."

Weight Training Routine

For those of you who are looking to get in the weight room this summer or if you have begun to do so already, please check out the following workout. It is a soccer specific training routine that will improve your strength as well as speed. If you decide to use this and have questions about the exercises please come see me and I will help you out. You can also go on Youtube or search google for helpful tips with these exercises. Stay within your limits when it comes to weight training. This can be a very beneficial aspect of your game if you perform the exercises correctly. You can never work too hard at being the best so continue to work this off-season to get there. Last season is over and a new one begins this spring and summer. Be ready to go come August.


Soccer Weight Training Routine

Day 1
Legs – Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves
Leg day is usually the most popular day in the weight room for soccer players. The higher rep range of twelve does two things. It helps keep players from adding too much mass to their legs, which would slow them down, and it creates muscular endurance. The exercises should be done with lighter weights so that sets can be completed quickly. This weight training session should be done with one minute between sets and two minutes between exercises to keep up the tempo and the heart rate of the soccer player.
Speed squat – 3×12
Dumbbell side lunges – 3×12
Leg extension – 3×12
Leg curl – 3×12
Stiff leg dead lift – 3×12
Calf raises – 3×15

Day 2 – Off

Day 3
Push – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Sometimes shoving matches happen down in the box and the soccer player with the strongest chest and shoulders will win out. Weight training the upper body will also keep proportion to the lower body so that the soccer player is a well-rounded and strong athlete. Weights used should be heavy and challenging so as to build up strength in the shoulders and chest.
Bench press – 3×10
Dumbbell incline press – 3×10
Dumbbell shoulder press – 3×10
Push press – 3×10
Standing dumbbell triceps extension – 3×10
Skull crusher – 3×10

Day 4 – Off

Day 5
Pull – Back, Biceps, Forearms
Much of the core strength of the body can be found in the back. Strength from the legs won’t translate to the rest of the body without it. A strong lower back from dead lifts will also help with speed and vertical leap in the soccer player. Back and bicep work should also be done with heavy weights to promote strength increases and balance the chest and triceps. Solid back weight training will also help improve the posture of the athlete.
Dead lift – 3×10
Barbell row – 3×10
Dumbbell shrugs – 3×12
Lat pull down – 3×10
Dumbbell bicep curl – 3×10
Reverse curl – 3×10

Day 6 – Off


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