"The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team."

Schedule for the week of 8/25-8/30

The following is the schedule for this coming week.

Monday:Varsity/JV/Freshmen- Practice State Park 3-5pm

Any players who have yet to complete/make-up their impact concussion test please report to the athletic trainers office at the school by 1:15pm.

Tuesday- Varsity/JV at Memorial Park 3-5pm NO FRESHMEN PRACTICE

Wednesday- Red and Gold Game followed with picnic. We encourage all player’s families to attend. Game will begin at 4pm

Thursday- Varsity/JV Scrimmage AWAY @ West Morris Central High School 4pm. Freshmen Practice @ State Park 3:15-5pm

Friday- Varsity/JV Practice in the PIT 3:15 Freshmen Practice Memorial Park 3:15

Saturday- Varsity/JV Scrimmage @ 10am vs. North Warren Regional

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our weekly schedule please contact your coach.

Coach Barbieri- cbarbieri@nhvweb.net – Varsity

Coach Wargo- pwargo@nhvweb.net – Junior Varsity

Coach Davis- brydav226@gmail.com – Freshmen



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